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Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

University of California - Santa Barbara

Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine

Samra University

About Angela Lee

Founder, Acupuncturist

Angela is a Licensed Acupuncturist for the state of California. She has built a successful and acupuncture practice providing acupuncture and health services in San Francisco since 1997. She's in the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame for her more than 30 years in Martial and Healing Arts. She is the founder of the first Qi Gong classes at both UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley. She also teaches at Kaiser San Francisco. Her love for Qi Gong inspired her to understand the foundations of Chinese Medicine.

In her acupuncture practice, Angela uses the Balance Method shared by the late Dr. Richard Tan and is an Executive Level Instructor in the style. Only 10% of Acupuncturist understand the ancestral knowledge of this form of Acupuncture which Dr. Tan shared from the books and scripture handed down to him from this father and grandfather. Angela also studied at the former Academy of Orthopedic Acupuncture (now Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) where she spent time in Beijing, China, treating patients.

Angela is internationally recognized as a 5th level instructor in Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong (Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan) 少林气功内劲一指禅 乌鲁冷岳兴安会馆. She studies directly under the Great Grand Master Cai Qiu Bai, the student of A Shui from the Shaolin Temple in Southern Shanghai. In 2017, Angela joined forces with Anatara Medicine, one of the top IV treatment healthcare centers in the world. At Anatara, under the leadership of Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, she shares her expertise with patients with some of the most difficult chronic conditions, including stage 4 cancer.

Away from her private practice and teaching, Angela enjoys horseback riding, martial arts, playing the ukulele, and being with her family, which includes humans, horses, dogs, cats, and now chickens.

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